Chocolate cream conversation hearts

Our Valentine’s doughnuts are sure to warm the hearts of all those you love. They are available Feb 9-14 at both locations (while supplies last!).

Our Valentine doughnut flavours include:
-Ferrero Rocher CONTAINS NUTS (specialty). Regular available Feb 9-14 (vegan ONLY available on the 14th)
-Chocolate cream conversation hearts (regular & vegan-vegan contains nuts) Both available Feb 9-14
-Vanilla Valentine’s sprinkles (regular & vegan) Both available Feb 9-14
-Strawberry glaze w/ chocolate heart (regular & vegan) Both available Feb 9-14
-Chocolate Valentine’s sprinkles (regular & vegan) Both available Feb 9-14
-Chocolate glaze white chocolate cream filled (w/ heart sprinkles, regular only) Available Feb 9 -14
-Strawberry cheese cake w/ dark chocolate (specialty) Available Feb 9-14


Preorder on our website or email to order or for more info!


White chocolate cream w/ chocolate

Strawberry cheesecake