Making mouths happy since 2014.

Amanda, owner of Oh Doughnuts holding, you guessed it, some tasty looking doughnuts.

Oh Doughnuts offers deliciously unique gourmet doughnuts, with too many flavours to count. We appreciate the classics like Boston Cream and the “Homer Simpson” Vanilla Sprinkles, but we’re not afraid to experiment with you-wouldn’t-think-this-would-be-good-as-a-doughnut flavours like Everything Bagel, Chicago Mix, and Ube (u-betcha we made a yam taste this good).

Our doughnut flavours change daily, so make sure you visit our shop page for the weekly menu. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for daily flavour updates!

Sometimes we run out, but it is our goal to sell out at a reasonable hour so that we don’t waste resources.

What Makes Us Different?

We make our doughnuts fresh every day. Making doughnuts this delicious takes about 6 hours, starting with mixing and cutting the dough to proofing, frying, and decorating the final product for a doughnut experience like no other. Crafting a doughnut is truly a labour of love, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh Doughnuts takes pride in creating interesting new flavours regularly, made fresh in-house, from scratch.

We create our doughnuts to have as little impact as possible, with owner Amanda sourcing as many ingredients that are not only local, but organic, as possible.

Unfortunately, cocoa cannot be grown in Manitoba, so we settle for the best option: Camino fair trade, organic chocolate.

Sustainability goes further than just the ingredients that we use. Our doughnut boxes and coffee cups are purchased locally and designed to be completely compostable or recyclable. Plastic and single serve items are non-existent in our shop, with compostable straws available upon request. Cream and sugar are available in multi-use quantities.

When it comes to other low-impact practices, we count on Green Action Centre’s social enterprise Compost Winnipeg to pick up our organic food waste. “But what about the frying oil?!” some of you may ask. Our used frying oil is picked up by someone local and refined to be used as biofuel.

One day, we hope that our doughnut delivery-mobile will run on the waste we create. But for now, we use a hybrid vehicle for doughnut-delivering business.

Have a suggestion for how we can better serve you? Let us know!

Our Humble Beginnings

Owner-operator Amanda Kinden is kinda into baking. Okay, “kinda” may be an understatement. From cakes to cupcakes to cookies, you name it, she bakes it.

While trying to figure out what to make for a catering event in 2014, doughnuts came to mind. Little did she know that the people of Winnipeg were jonesing for fresh doughnuts like nobody’s business (rather than the frozen and shipped from Ontario variety we were used to).

And so, Oh Doughnuts was born.

Amanda rented a shared kitchen and started delivering doughnuts to local coffee shops in September 2014. Demand grew, and finally Amanda had to take a step back in April 2015 to focus on opening a store front. After a long journey, the Broadway shop opened May 2016.

Commitment to Winnipeg

Oh Doughnuts is delighted to give back to local, non-profit organizations who support environmental, social, and animal welfare causes.

At this time, Oh Doughnuts is not able to support private fundraising events (wedding socials, school fundraisers). Please check back for updates!

If you are getting married and would like doughnuts for dessert, head on over to our Contact Us page to discuss.

We’re Getting a Hole Lotta Attention


“Our pricing reflects our respect for our employees, the environment, and our commitment to quality, local goods,” she added. “We are a small biz that really appreciated the sale on a cold Jan(uary) Mon(day) morn.”

— Trudoughmania – Winnipeg Free Press

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“Kinden said that the price comparisons being drawn between her store’s doughnuts and those of Tim Hortons ignore the costs involved with small-scale production by an outlet not backed by an international restaurant conglomerate.

“They’ve done a disservice to the doughnut in that they’ve made them so cheap,” Kinden said. “Folks don’t actually realize how much work goes into making a doughnut.””

— Trudeau’s gourmet doughnut purchase fans the flames on Twitter – BNN Bloomburg

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“Trudeau tweeted a photo of himself carrying seven boxes from Oh Doughnuts on Tuesday with the caption, “Picked up some of Winnipeg’s best to keep us going through another full day of Cabinet meetings. Thanks for the fuel, @OhDoughnuts. #shoplocal.””

““Really, Canada? That’s your scandal? Your prime minister brought the wrong doughnuts?” he said on his show Thursday night. “If this s*** pisses you off, you guys wouldn’t last a day with Donald Trump. Doughnuts?””

— Trevor Noah mocks Canada for Trudeau’s doughnut drama – City News Edmonton

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“But don’t expect this to be a typical sweet rings sort of shop. Oh Doughnuts offers a rotating selection of gourmet donuts in unique and surprising flavors. There are sweet as well as savory donuts, and new and experimental choices show up from time to time.”

— How to Eat and Drink Your Way Through Winnipeg –

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“Eventually, the demand for her product prompted Kinden to open a brick-and-mortar storefront on Broadway in 2016. Her doughnuts, in flavours as wild as “Everything Bagel” and “Peanut butter marshmallow square cheesecake” and the familiar vanilla sprinkle and chocolate dip, regularly sell out at the Broadway location and still fill pastry cases at independent cafes around the city.”

— Oh Doughnuts exploring the possibilities – Winnipeg Free Press

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“Oh Doughnuts was born when Amanda brought a delicious homemade treat to work at her then full-time job. After some enthusiastic encouragement, she started supplying Parlour Coffee shop, as well as a few others, with a few dozen doughnuts a day, which flew off the shelves.”

— Downtown Winnipeg Magazine

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“Kinden is the owner of Oh Doughnuts — a six-month-old operation that supplies gourmet-style doughnuts to an increasing number of Winnipeg restaurants and coffee shops. Kinden’s treats, made with locally produced organic flour and eggs and, when called for, fair-trade organic chocolate, are as imaginative as they are mouth-watering; among the dozens she’s come up with to date are crème brûlée, Bailey’s glaze with Guinness brownie chunks and — we’ll take a dozen, please — root beer float.”

— Glaze of glory: Winnipeg doughnut maker find city can’t get enough of her sweet pastry – Winnipeg Free Press

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“Doughnuts, those deep-fried cheat day—or any day, really—favourites, have been elevated to holy shit that’s delicious levels by Amanda Kinden, the one-woman show that is Oh Doughnuts.”

— Oh, Doughnuts – Spectator Tribune

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“She is definitely never short on creative flavour combinations and experimental recipes to try out”

— Smart Biz – Oh Doughnuts elevates decadence to a whole new level in Winnipeg

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“Oh Doughnuts is giving Winnipeggers a new taste for this traditional treat.”

— Global News

“The demand for Oh Doughnuts is already spiking: Kinden says that the day after the Parlour birthday doughnuts, someone asked if she could make a dozen of them for a staff meeting. ”

— Workinonit – The Uniter

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“Independent doughnut shops are few and far between in Winnipeg. In fact, I can’t name one solely dedicated to this deep-fried delight. Amanda Kinden is hoping to change all that. Her artisan doughnuts (@ohdoughnuts on Twitter) have been delighting patrons of Main Street’s Parlour Coffee since the beginning of this month, selling out almost every day and for good reason. These are delicious, homestyle, melt-in-your-mouth treats like Winnipeg has never tasted.”

— Oh Doughnuts is double double different (and delicious) – Metro News

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