We have some delicious and Spooky doughnuts planned for Halloween! You can find our Halloween doughnuts at both shops starting Oct 22nd. We are accepting pre-orders via email or phone, or you can order on our website up to 5 days in advance.

Here are some of our spooky flavours (we’re working on more as we type- *Not all flavours are available everyday, please check our shop page for planned menu).

Boston Scream (regular)*-our delicious Boston cream with oreo cookie crumbs and gummy worms (non-vegan only-pictured left)

Chocolate cream pumpkin (regular)* – Chocolate cream and vanilla glaze with pumpkin faces (non-vegan and vegan*-pictured right)


Chocolate cream Jack Skellington (specialty)*- Chocolate cream and vanilla glaze with Jack Skellington faces! (non-vegan and vegan-pictured left)


White chocolate cream black cat (specialty) *- White chocolate cream with chocolate glaze(non-vegan version, vegan version has vanilla cream*-pictured right)


Strawberry buttercream brains  (specialty)*- Double stuffed with strawberry jam and vanilla cream and topped with vanilla butter cream (non-vegan only-pictured left)


Vanilla cake Mummy (specialty) *- Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream (non-vegan only), Chocolate cake monster (specialty)*- Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream (non-vegan only), Vanilla Chocolate spider (regular)* – Vanilla glaze w/ chocolate      glaze covered doughnut hole spider (non-vegan and vegan – all pictured right)


Vanilla/Chocolate Halloween sprinkles (regular)* – may be not exactly as picture (non-vegan and vegan-pictured left)

Vanilla Dracula (regular)* – Vanilla glaze with gummy teeth (non-vegan only-pictured right)



Vanilla eye ball (regular)* – Vanilla glaze with a coloured chocolate wafer (non-vegan only-pictured left)





*Regular doughnuts are $3.25 each
*Specialty doughnuts are $4.25 each