Our Accessibility Plan

We believe accessibility is important and value everyone who would like to enjoy our doughnuts. At first glance, it may seem that our Broadway location is not accessible, but there is elevator access. While there is a way for folks with accessibility issues to access our space, we do acknowledge it is less than ideal.

Here’s how to access our 326 Broadway location if you have special mobility needs:

-There is a door to 326 Broadway (our location) located on Hargrave Street.

-At the door there is a Intercom System (similar to those found at apartment buildings), where you would scroll through the tenants and find Oh Doughnuts. You would call us and we would buzz you in-there is an activated door button for both of the doors you’ll encounter.

-Once inside the building, straight ahead you will see an elevator. Enter the elevator and push ‘1’.

-You will now be on the lower level. Once you exit the elevator, turn left and you will see a metal door, go through this door (sorry, there is no door activation for this door) and to your right you will see the glass door to our shop (also no door activation on this door). (UPDATE: due to a break in, the glass door is now broken and boarded up. The staff can still let you in through another metal door at the back of our shop.)

The staff will be trained to come open those last two doors for folks after they receive a call from the intercom system. And when folks are ready to leave, staff will open the doors again.


Our 1194 Taylor Ave is very accessible with two accessible parking spaces right out front, a sidewalk ramp and an activated door.

We have plans to renovate the Broadway space in the coming years and will ensure accessibility is at the forefront of our plans.